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This sign at New Checkon Road says no garbage dumping allowed

Why Plastics Are a Threat to Life and Manipur Must Fight to Overcome this Challenge

Plastic items which have been used everyday by people, household wastes starting from kitchen left overs thrown at improper places leads to various types of pollution. It is a very high time for the government authorities to manage the dumping site at proper places and prohibit the inhabitants to throw anywhere with strict norms and actions. Dumping of garbage at prohibited areas even without obeying the posters not to throw garbage can be seen various places. One such example can be seen at a field by the roadside at New Checkon via JN Hospital road. Mentioning one more such improper dumping can be at Canchipur near Manipur University, the road that takes to Catholic School Canchipur. Walking or driving through such nearby roads cause the students and trespassers a huge annoyance with the stinky air pollution around.

Along the Imphal river at the Singjamei stretch

On other hand some of these places are the grazing  fields of various grass eating animals like cows and horses. On consuming such toxic and carcinogenic wastes can caused complicated health issues of such animals including death. The blockage of drains and failure of proper drainage system at around Imphal city are the major reasons for frequent artificial floods even with little rainfall. Such floods carry all the harmful wastes and caused various water-borne diseases to the people living around.

River, a means of living for many living beings gives us from the most basic drinking water to various forms of accessibility. But today’s anaware public continuously dumped the garbage of various forms and products includinng carcinogens , plastics and harmful chemicals caused the fatal of various life forms living in the river. Many inhabitants by the riverside depends on it for daily use of water, some far off places from the city depends on the same river for consumption.

It may be a useful step if the responsible government authorities take up initiatives like giving environmental awareness to the people through means of entertainment programs, radio dramas on such issues. Number of dustbins must be increased by the roadside and proper collection and dumping site must be made with strict norms at the most possible ways. Punishing the wrong doers must be a good step to inhibit the throwing of wastes anywhere around.

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