Imphal Review of Arts and Politics

Introducing Journalism to Undergraduate Students

Free Press School of Journalism

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell

Class batches

FPSJ 1st Batch

FPSJ 2018-2019 batch students with teachers and special guest, renowned Swiss journalist and author, Bertil Lintner, posing before the historic Slim Cottage inside the Kangla complex in Imphal.

FPSJ 2nd Batch

FPSJ 2019-2020 students with teachers posing at the Andro park during an education tour of Andro and Thingel salt well. Educational tours are part of the media training programme of the FPSJ.

Exploring Manipur

Picture in the foreground overlay (hover mouse over it to see it clearly), is a group of FPSJ Second Batch students,  at Khoupum Waterfall while the picture in the background is of FPSJ First Batch students during a trip to Nungsigum hills, the site of a fierce battle between Japanese and British troops in 1944. When Japanese troops could not be dislodged from the hills, the British sent up 5 tanks along its ridge and after a massive, air and land assault, pushed back the Japanese. Visit the gallery section or else click the button below to see more pictures.

Other Course Activities

Our belief is that journalism of depth has to have a good grounding in an understanding of the society, geography, places, peoples, their economies and the social mechanisms, of the environment journalist live and work in, first and foremost. The journalism must also be able to see these same realities against the larger context of the country and the world. Hence, we combine classroom knowledge pertaining to journalism and related matters, field tours, participation in seminars, workshops and lectures etc.

Photo captions clockwise from top:

  1. Our 1st batch students caught in a sudden shower on top of Nungshigum hills.
  2. Some of our 2nd batch students having fun during a trip to Andro.
  3. Our 1st batch students posing for a group photo with Chadong village elders after a meeting at the village. The picturesque Thoubal Dam lake is in the backdrop.
  4. Another group of our 2nd batch students taking selfies at Khoupum Valley.

We Explore and Learn

Captions: Clockwise from top:

  1. Our 1st batch students with a visiting team of mass media students from Myanmar who traveled to Imphal with renowned journalist and author, Bertil Lintner, posing for a group photograph outside the historic Slim Cottage inside the Kangla.
  2. Our 2nd batch students with a delegation from Japan at the Imphal Peace Museum which commemorates the state’s WWII experience. The recently set up Museum is at Maibam Lotpa Ching (Red Hills, Bisnupur District.
  3. Our students and three guests (sitting in the front row), posing for a photograph in front of the two reconstructed Kangla Sha statues (mythical animals that guard the court of the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur). The two original Kangla Sha stadues were destroyed by British troops in 1891, after Manipur lost what is now referred to as the Ango-Manipuri War 1891.