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The President, Smt. Droupadi Murmu inspecting the Guard of Honour after the swearing-in ceremony, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi on July 25, 2022.

Daughter of a Village Head is Now the First Female Tribal President of India: The Political Journey of Mrs. Droupadi Murmu

The dreams of the poor in the country does not remains as dream only, now time has come that those dreams turn into reality which shows a clear picture of the achievement of every poor in India. Upliftment of marginalized and empowerment of women and young for the inclusive growth of the country is the spirit of new India and it showcased the beauty of Indian Democracy. The newly elected President of India Mrs. Droupadi Murmu as the 15th President of India has proved that a poor lady from a far-flung village has the potential and capability to hold the highest post of the country as the first female tribal President of India. The 64 year old Murmu is the youngest President of the country. She is also the first President of India who is born after Independence.

Droupadi Murmu was born on June 20, 1958 in Santali tribal family in Uparbeda, Mayurbhanj village in Odisha, India to Biranchi Narayan Tudu. Both her father and grandfather were village heads under the Panchayati Raj Systems. In 1979 she graduated from Rama Devi Women’s University, Bhubaneswar and started working as a junior assistant in the Irrigation Department of Odisha Government. She started teaching at Aurobindo Integral Education Center, Rairangpur in 1994. She was married to Shyam Charan Murmu in 1994 and the couple had two sons and a daughter. Droupadi Murmu joined politics in 1997 and was elected as a Councillor in  Rairangpur Notified Area Council of Odisha. She served twice as an MLA from Rairangpur Assembly Constituency from 2000 to 2009 and once a Minister for Commerce, Transport, Fisheries and Animal Resource Development in Odisha Government. On 18th May 2015 Droupadi Murmu took oath as the ninth Governor of Jharkhand and continued till 12th July 2021. She was the first woman Governor of the State and the first female tribal leader to serve as Governor in any Indian State. On 25th July 2022 Droupadi Murmu was sworn in as 15th President of India. She was administered oath by Chief Justice of India, N.V. Ramana at the Central Hall of Parliament.

Speaking on the occasion, President Droupadi Murmu said, she wants all sisters and daughters to be empowered more so that they continue to increase their contribution in every field of nation building. She said, reaching the Presidential Post is not her personal achievement, it is the achievement of every poor in India. The new development journey towards the bright future of India has to be undertaken by the collective efforts, following the path of duty. Many leaders congratulated Droupadi Murmu for holding the highest post of Presidency. Women from every section of life have expressed their happiness as Droupadi Murmu became the second woman and first tribal President of India.

Asem Ningol Heisnam Nirmala, aged 53 years from Sagolband Salam Leikai of  Nupi Keithel No.1-Leimarel Sidabi Ema Keithel expressed that all the sacrifice works of Murmu is now being recognized by the whole nation. The real beauty of Indian Democracy is totally now believed and acknowledged by the citizen of the country. The people of the nation have shown their respect for a perfect woman by making her the first female tribal President of India. The big gap between the castes has now been erased by making Murmu holding the post of President.  She added that Murmu on being the President of India gave a message and hope and compassion to every women of the country to work for a better nation.

Ratneshwori Goswami, Senior Journalist expressed her happiness as a woman on being assuming the highest post of President by a woman. The mindset of the society as a whole has brought a positive change in empowering woman after many years. Development of a society depends on the equal treatment of both man and woman. The newly elected President Droupadi Murmu has opened an account for a long vision encouraging the weaker section of the society and her victory is an eye-opener for every section of the society. Appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government, she said, the government has acknowledge and understood the role and love for humanity and struggle of woman in making India a developed and peace nation. It has shown the clear picture and true meaning of Indian Democracy. She hopes more women leaders like President Murmu will become up and work in the interest and betterment of the women and for a better nation.

Dr K. Sobita Devi, former Chairperson, Manipur State Women Commission expressed her happiness as Droupadi Murmu became the second and first woman tribal President of India. It is a moment of encouragement to all the women of the nation. Murmu has taught a lesson that regardless of caste and creed every citizen has the right to serve the nation with the highest post of President. Women have been suppressed by the society but the victory of Murmu shows the women can no longer be suppressed.  The hidden and spiritual potentials of woman have been recognized by the society. It creates a testimony in the history of women empowerment of the country. Under the leadership of the President Murmu, the nation will move forward in bringing a social welfare nation with equal share of opportunities to all, she added.

Konjengbam Nirmala Chanu, Research Scholar of Manipur University asserted that the victory of Droupadi Murmu reaffirms the position of women in the Indian Society. The victory also reflects the real picture and true spirit of democracy. Appreciating the President Murmu, Nirmala said, the citizens of the nation have increase their beliefs and expectation in Indian democracy with Droupadi Murmu as the first women tribal President of India. Murmu has set an example to the nation that every citizen regardless of their status can hold an extremely important and biggest position of the nation. She believes that the new President would stand heroically for the nation with pride and work enthusiastic for the development of the country in general and uplifting the status of women and marginalized section of the society.

Diki Doma Bhutia, General Secretary of Kalyan Ashram, Imphal, Manipur reveals that the Indian Democracy proves to be the best democracy by electing a tribal woman as the President of India. With this change, the mindset of the poor and marginalized section of the society is encouraged and they have gained their trust in the system. Domo appreciates the present people representatives for electing Murmu as the President of India and making a successful democracy. It has shower a light to all tribals and woman. The gap or the differences between the higher and lower classes have been vanished with many hopes, aspirations and happiness in the minds of the people. The new change has motivates the new generation to work more for a better India.

Women are taking a big role in the society with great responsibilities. Women working in different sectors are contributing in the nation building. More women representatives or leaders need to be encouraged in decision making. Their roles, sacrifice and courage should be highly honoured. Manipur has so far produced many outstanding women in different areas such as sports, art and culture, administration, in business etc. The courage and spirit of woman of Manipur is known to the World with Nupi Lan, MeiraPaibi, and other social activities. Women start dreaming that one day a woman from the state can also hold the Presidential post of India. As people start gaining their momentum of belief in the Indian Democracy, the dream might come true one day.

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