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A Teacher Within Each of Us

The capacity to learn in as gift                         
The ability to learn is a skill
The willingness to learn is a choice.
(Brian Herbert)


The word teacher rings in the mind of every citizen as we race inside the month of September, the first month of autumn or fall season. The month is a time of change, letting of negative ways, recharging and redefining ourselves with positive vibes. Every Teachers’ day that we observe reminds us not only the teaching profession but we honour the life of the very teacher(s) who teaches us or who once taught us. The special reason behind celebrating 5th September as Teachers’ day in India is because of the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was highly devoted to education as a way to progress and development. Professionally he was a well-known Scholar, Philosopher, Statesman, the second President of India and most significantly a great teacher. Teachers’ day is the day we celebrate; one of the most beautiful and glorious day in the students’ calendar year and it reminds us of the poem “I want to be like you” by Joanna Fuchs. The poem sums us that teacher plays a vital role in the lives of every students for they help us bridge toward a successful future sacrificing a happy time with their family, friends and working harder every minute of their lives. They are basically the reason why ordinary students like us dream extraordinary things.

Today is the day to acknowledge and appreciate all our teachers’ hard work, dedication, commitment and passion for teaching. Teachers are the best inspiration and motivation for us. Besides they help us to tackle any difficult situation and problems while we work on our future dreams. It may not be wrong to say that teachers are the backbone of every society and what we have achieved till today to a great extend is because of our teacher.  Not to forget our parents who are our first teacher in our life. They motivate us to withstand obstacles in our lives. A good teacher takes stand for something and against something.

The word ‘teacher’ just simply doesn’t translate to the word Guru. In fact in Sanskrit language there are specific words denoting the qualities of a teacher. The one who provides you an information is call Adhyapath, the one who combines information and knowledge is an Upadhaya, the one who has in-depth knowledge of a particular subject is called a pandit, the one who trains you or imparts you with a specific skill is call an Archarya, the one who has a visionary view on a subject is call a Drishta and the one who truly awakens wisdom within you and takes you from darkness to light is call a Guru. We all are in one form or other a teacher of some sort. It also allows us to think what kind of teacher we have had.

Teachers’ day is a calling for the teachers to recognise and to posit as to what is our role in the society today where there is violence and hatred and people are ruled by fear. It is said that the sign of true knowledge is courage and it helps one to move forward. It is very important to be courageous in our belief and in our thinking. Courage is enhanced where there is clarity in thinking. Our thinking cannot waver as wavering can cost our focus dearly in today’s society.  We need to have the courage to change and the courage to travel the road less travel.

As teacher and educator we need to inspire, inspire not only the classroom but the coming generations of students as well. Stain Beck the American writers says the teacher is not merely a teacher but the greatest of the artist because he or she shapes young minds. As a teacher we have huge responsibility as we shape young minds for the generations to come. Do not shy away from that responsibility rather let us take up this huge responsibility with diligence and dedication. Over the years society will respect and honour you for the conviction and what we held on as our own.

Teachers make a difference in the society by creating and making positive vibes. It is this positive vibes that gives energy in the teaching and learning process. We in a great deal as teachers must have impacted the students and the students in return acknowledge, appreciate and applaud us. However we cannot be flabbergasted and be carried away by such flows because it is not the end rather it is only the beginning towards a journey of shaping, moulding and transforming the generations to come.

Every one of us is a teacher in life by default. And if we have the willingness to learn then we can learn from anyone and everywhere. Dear teachers, the way you teach, the love you show, the care you take makes you the world’s best teacher. We thank you teachers for offering a hand, opening our minds and touching our hearts. Bravo to all the teachers!

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