Imphal Review of Arts and Politics

Hate reciprocates and must be put to an end


Love mustn’t be begged for…

Kindness must come easy from our core…

There is abundance of beauty on this planet;

We could learn from everything here, even from a tiny ant.



Our history books are filled with stories of war…

Heinous crimes fill this world that are full of gore.

Why are do boys pick up an AK-47 instead of a ukulele?

Is it because it seems masculine or manly?

Why do we waste our precious life hating?

Can’t we just try a spend a peaceful day skating?

Can we give ourselves a chance to stop and smell the fragrant ginger spike lilies?

Why are we hooked onto those hate speeches on our tellies?

Can we try and step outside, on a full moon night and feel the wonderful summer breeze on our cheeks?

Can we try to be grateful for once, for this beautiful planet with its beautiful places and graceful mountain peaks?

Why do we resort to violence again and again?

What is there really to gain?

If we hurt another, it truly isn’t hurting another…

It is just hurting us disguised as another.

This madness is a pandemic…

It could be nipped while it is embryonic.


(But, why don’t we do that?)


Why do we feed it until it devours us whole?


Xenophobia, Islamophobia,

Homophobia, Racism,

Greed, Violence, War-

They all start with hate and end in hate.


We must stop before it is too late!!


There is no use for progress without peace…

We mustn’t stop to stand up against violence until

We keep our doors locked with keys…

We mustn’t stop until…

Every refugee can go back home and be safe.

We mustn’t stop until…

Every woman can stop looking over her shoulder in anxiety.

We mustn’t stop until…

Every homosexual man/woman is afraid to say who they truly are.

We mustn’t stop until…

Every child is safe.

We mustn’t stop until…

Men stop getting killed mercilessly.

We mustn’t stop until…

Women’s bodies are continued to view as an object.

We mustn’t stop until…

Every man is continued to be pressured to be a “man”.

We mustn’t stop until…

We stop hating,

Hating someone for their color of their skin

Or their backgrounds.

We mustn’t stop as long as

Boys & Girls continue to pick up

Guns instead of books and musical instruments.

We mustn’t stop until

Every Human, Bird,

Plant, Ocean, Animal and

Tree is safe.

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