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Inspiring story of Boicha who rose from the ruins of addiction to new commitment to fight drugs

No Pain No Gain: How a Young Man Lost to Drugs Found His Way Out to Inspire Others in Addiction Nightmares

A strong decision and firm determination can change any life. This story is an example and tells of a man whose youthful life was lost in drugs but now becoming is an inspiration for those who strayed into drugs and want to quit it. In an interview with this writer, this man confessed his actions were wrong without a second thought. The addiction nearly wrecked his precious life. He said some go wrong from peer pressures or of bad friends leading them to live a life of despair and disgust. Nails can float on water when they get fixed on wooden boards, he said, using this as an analogy of the life of Ratnakar, the murderer who transformed his life after the meeting of two sages and obeying their advices, and later became the famous Balmiki who wrote Ramayana.

We can come to the right path if one can takes good advice even though we went wrong. We can know from this story that one can achieve with firm determination. Thokchom Boiboi Singh alias Boicha was once lost on drugs but now has become healthy and gain back his reputation under the advice of his parents and friends. Thokchom Boiboi Singh was born on 12 November, 1979 at Singjamei Mathak Chongtham Leikai as the second child of Thokchom Priyokumar Singh and Thokchom Ongbi Victoriya Devi. Being the only boy in between two sisters, Boicha’s upbringing was pampered. His parents gave him all he desired. He was also left free to do all his desired.

As he grew, he not only had large friend circles but also got exposed to intoxicants like alcohols, tablets and heroine. This was all out of his parents’ expectations and belief. But thing could not remain hidden for long and his parents’ dreams were shattered. As the only son, his parents wanted him to marry early. He was also made to marry thinking this would stop abusing drugs but this was not the case. During the time, arguments and quarrels were frequent with his parents and wife.

He was kept at rehabilitation centre as his parents could not correct him. But as soon as he came out, his old habit resumed and lapsed into the same boat as his old addict friends. He never listens to his parents or wife.

He was kept at various rehabilitation centres of Manipur but as soon as he came out he always lapsed into his old habits. Years later he got a son and a daughter yet he continued to follow his old bad habits.

After many fights and quarrels his wife left him with his children to return to her parental home. His parents were restless and worried for him. His mother’s health deteriorated. Unable to eat and always restlessness she become mentally stressed too.

One day his heartbroken mother called him and asked him in tears to stop abusing drugs telling him that she and her husband would not be able die in peace leaving him in this condition. His mother said pleaded for him to make his parents smile at least once by stopping those habits. Listening to his mother’s heart rending words, Boicha firmly decide to stop the use of drugs and change himself. For the last time he stayed at a rehabilitation centre for three months followed by a rigorous gym regime.

He used to go to “Fitness World”, a gym nearby his house located at Singjamei since 2018. He felt joyful seeing his mother’s smile after he managed to change himself and stop taking drugs and go to the gym instead.

He also heard the locality mock him behind his back that gym will be of no use in salvaging his drug ruined body. But he took the challenge and worked harder.

He work whole heartedly to prove these idle predictions wrong. Unfortunately, his mother left the world within a year of his cure and could not see his progress at the gym for long. But Boicha became even more committed to give his mother her wish. He said he still remembers his mother’s smile after his decision to leave drugs and started going the gym.

At first his purpose for going to the gym was to refrain himself from drugs, without any ambition for bodybuilding contest and Mister titles or gold medals. But good things always happen to good habit, and at the recently conducted bodybuilding contest for the Mr. Imphal-West District Body Building Championship, 2022 organized by Body Builder’s Association, Imphal-West at Langol Ningthou Eerum Shang, Imphal-West, he was the overall winner 2022. He also stood 5th position at Imphal-West Senior category at the same event. Next he stood Overall winner 2022 at 9th Mister Khamba Inter District Body Building Championship, 2022, at INA Hall Moirang organised by All Manipur Body Builders Association of Manipur(AMBBA).

His firm decision and determination saved him from losing his life to drugs and now leads an inspiring life.

After he returned to normal life he was filled with the desire to save other lives from drug addiction and lives of despair.  He has now founded “Stepping Stones”, a rehabilitation centre at Khangabok. “No pain no gain” is the message he wants to convey to the society.

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