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Cover of "A Memoir on What it's Like to Come Out as Queer in My Mid-Thirties"

G.C. Sapna’s Absorbing Book Recalls Her Journey Which Ultimately Led Her to Realised She is Lesbian

Book Name: A Memoir on What it’s Like to Come Out as Queer in My Mid-Thirties
Author: GC Sapna
Pages: 111
Price: ₹ 200

G.C. Sapna, a spirited personality, captures the contours of her personal life, from her birth to the present time, though accurate details are hidden, keeping in view social propriety. But what is landmark is her outright, unabashed, bold declaration of her gender as a lesbian.

The realisation dawned slowly, and her gender inclination shift evolved on a gradual gradient slope, when personal relationships and break ups hinted to her affinities leaned towards lesbianism. At first, she hid her identity, but as it tormented her so she decided to come open.

She has a fund experiences, which ultimately led to her writing this book. These experiences emanate from the events in her life, full of ups and downs. It is the course of her life, there came a point when she came to have no doubt that she was queer, and took the courage to comes out with the truth.

A Professor of Economics at Manipur Technical University, Ms,G.C.Sapna confesses that she is attracted to girls, rather than to boys, though not each and every girl. She is attracted to particular girls of her choice, and the book affirms that the acceptance of the society is needed to “protect the career, life and life processes” of her as well as others who share her sexuality.

From her book, the reader can gain insights into her thoughts and feelings, and of her experiences running away from home after a particular incident. Her account of the trail of events is very interesting and would hold the interest of any reader.

Presently, society has come to accept the presence of the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), and she also expressed the hope and confidence that they would not be discriminated against.

Her sweet recollections of childhood, growing up as the only daughter of a busy bureaucrat, who has switched to politics, is an appeal to inner feelings, and the reader may be emotionally moved, when she recounts sweet incidents and anecdotes in this captivating book.

Prof. Sapna said she declared her gender as a lesbian with the help of this book, but asserts that this is not the only medium for such confessions, and others may choose any other mediums comfortable to them to do so. And she appealed for the LGBTQ community to be accepted by the society, and their participation endorsed in all sectors of life, such as health, education, law, etc.

She recollects and recounts incidents from her past honestly, and this is something very significant. It appeals to the innermost corners of the readers heart and there would be many who find lessons to learn from them. Despite the incidents and events which may distract anyone from careers, the author has managed to complete her higher education to find a respectable career as an educator and this courage and determination is again very remarkable.

The language of the book is not complicated, and easy to understand without any confusion. There is a smooth flow in her narration, and the sentences are well structured. Indeed, the book is a valuable addition to the literary stock of Manipur, and is a must read for everyone.

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