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Time for Manipur youth to begin taking Assembly elections seriously

As They Have Done in Sports and Arts, Youths in the State Must Now Show the Quality of their Discretion in Voting

As youths are the future of the society they have a big role in process of the development of the society. The exercise of their voting right is also very important in the formation of the government. Therefore, youths are expected to rethink the value of their vote in the election with a collective sense of courage. The involvement of youths in politics during their time in colleges and universities are seen though their involvements are not so serious except a certain sections of the students. Some of the youth consider politics as a dirty issue and so they exercise their vote at the time of the election without thinking much of the value of their voting right though they knew that their votes would elect their representatives who are to express the voice of the people in proper forums and in the formation of government.

Youths are experiencing their big role in the various issues in the society. Their involvement and expression of views are for the betterment of the society. Their activities are associated with the political process of the governing of the state. But, it appears that youths have not been serious at the time of selecting their representatives and also hardly involve in bringing changes in the system of electoral politics. Instead, many of the youth are found indulging election time as festival. On the other hand, many of the people including youths have the tendency to consider election as one of the manifestations of dirty politics where there have been rooms for the corruption, creation of hatred and use of muscles power among us. The view and the idea of the dirty politics is appeared mostly based on the surface of the issue rather than what have been happening in the grassroots. If we examine the situation in the grassroots level it is observed in the certain level that there has been a big mistake among many of the voters. During election time while the candidates are busy campaigning, the voters are asking among themselves whether the candidates possessed the requisite capability to face election. In the election the idea of the requisite capability carries a lot of meanings and questions. The voters have been experiencing that the candidates in the election campaign have been begging the valuable votes by saying that “ Miyam gi mamal yamlaba vote amamum ta pibiduna miyamgi seba fanghanbiyu miyamgi paokholoi oijage” which  broadly means that the candidates be given the valuable vote so that they would be a servants of the people. People may consider the slogan as a reminder of the candidates that the people are the master and the elected candidates are their servants and representatives.  Therefore, voters have the full right to vote freely as per their choice to choose their servants and representatives.

Since the implementation of the Right to Education all the people are expected to get light of the modern education. The literacy rate in Manipur was 76.94% in 2011 which was a high percentage in the country. The population of youths of the state was about 37% out of total population as per 2001 census. Therefore, the voice and public opinion of youths with their modern educational knowledge may create a reasonable and inspiring voice for selection of their respective candidates. It is very much relevant with the role of the youth for uplifting the society through their involvement in election.

The ideologies of the various national and regional parties are regarded as ideal and practicable for the welfare of the country and their regions. But the question is how far the candidates as leaders of these parties are able to follow the principles of the parties. The success and failure of the parties largely depend on the activities of their leaders and elected members. The performance of a party depends on the action, working of the leaders and the candidates of the party. Their performance and activities would prove the quality of the parties. Therefore, the youth should have the opportunity to examine the behaviours of the candidates and their abilities in discharging activities of the parties for the welfare of the people.

The involvement of the youth in the process of the election by analysing the quality of the candidates will have the scope of changing the direction of election towards a certain level of desirable result. The casting of the vote without thinking the value of the vote is not the motive of the democracy. We know that value of the vote will bring welfare and future of the state. Voters are the masters and so there is no room for treating them as slaves of certain powerful groups. It is sincerely intended that the involvement of youths in the process of the selection of competent candidates and parties will lead to a new atmosphere in political scenario in the state. The youth in Manipur have the inherent ability and courage   to show their achievements in the fields of sports, culture, education and other competitive events. In the same way they have the talent and spirit to bring a new social development in the process of election.

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