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Women Today: Celebrating the Life of Women on International Women’s Day

In this 21st century, to be a woman in India is a challenge. Looking and studying the present scenario of women in India, she has to battle hard and fight an uncertain battle for survival. It is true that our country is progressing and developing but it looks like our morality and common sense have gone down. It would be rather hard to find a woman in India who would proudly say, ‘I am safe in my country’. It is shocking but it is also not false. Every parent who has a daughter is always has to be always alert. It is not that the whole India is not safe but a handful of the citizens of the country have given us the image and impression that women are not safe and free in her motherland. The saddest aspect of our country India is that the title “Mother” has been credited to our land as “India is my motherland”, and in this ‘Motherland’ women live in fear, anger and without security. The government clarion call of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” seems to have remained only as a slogan.

No doubt, there are also many women who have achieved and climbed the ladder of success. Today, there are many women who made India smile and proud. All these women have a story to tell, that on their path to success they fought the battle of gender equality, faced discrimination yet never gave up. Their courage and determination pay off. Today, in India we see women ruling the states as Chief ministers, heading various administrative departments, managing companies as CEO’s, spearheading scientific developments and doing jobs which at one time only men does. They are also women from India who bit the dust and yet rise to see their dreams come true. Today in contrast it is the daughter who brings laurels and similes to their parents through their success and achievement. And in this generation we hear parents telling ‘I wish to have a girl rather than a boy’. In the coming years the trend might change where more educated and working class are likely to be from the women. It is for sure that if many women are involved in all the various functions of our country than we can be sure that change and transformation will take place in our county. We hope to live to see that day of change.


“One woman can change anything,
Many women can change everything”
                                                                                                Tony Morrison

3 thoughts on “Women Today: Celebrating the Life of Women on International Women’s Day”

  1. Beautiful thought on women! This awareness of “the life of women” both in men and women is the fuel to transformation. We truly hope to live to see that day of change.

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