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The water equal in the stream and other poems

The water equal in the stream


Joy now she has found her home

I didn’t have to do that

except far off betwixt the hearts

it was no lie that we lived

not for the nation

but for the river or the ground

each broad with a mind

I didn’t need to be woken up

we were already living

and reluctant to step out of it

saw the conscience crawling

to meet, with demands and desires

are we shameful with desire

for it’s the same land

now that we are equals, you say

what an odd thing this belt of nature

are we being born together, I say

can I be true with you

cause I too know her

like the time that passed

each day



If you weren’t looking for a war


Something that comes to the mind

was I in your life

or you in mine

just when I thought it’s over

the seasons changed

a changed woman

in her bosom

when the poetry was there

I brought myself to you

as much as you read me to yourself

thoughts like rare birds

leaping out of the mountain face

what’s that I’ve been missing

in the secrets we hold for each other

you made me changed

I see with you

was it meant to be this way

a sudden realisation

that we didn’t know each other

and we do now in a moment

because we said everything

too much, too much

and we had no way to go

to drop off each other on the way

but great things happen

when you say too much!

we barely meet each other, again



A reverie on death


There was a man who said

his Angel comes to him

and a thousand smiles

she gives to him free

it’s alright she says, it’s alright

take anything you want

This man became my greatest friend

I met him after he had died

There was another man

I met along the way

whose kinsmen said

they can protect me from death

I said I don’t believe him

and he said at least to some degree

I told him no

cause I am human for all you know

and I also have a right to fear death

as much as anybody else

why shouldn’t I

fear death, poverty etc etc

the right to feel the shortcomings

of a human life

How do you tell me

that I can surpass that

I didn’t hear him respond

for I was busy in my living reverie

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