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Peoples’ Convention Ahead of Amit Shah Visit Resolves to Demand Special Status for Manipur

A “Peoples’ Convention on Special Statue for Manipur” organized by COCOMI at GM Hall here in Imphal has reiterated its stand to fight all challenges against any attempt to distort the territorial integrity of the state.
Today’s meeting resolved that no ethnic based-territorial council can be accepted within the territory of Manipur, as such arrangements will create more political and ethnic problems.
The meeting also resolved to demand “Special Status’ for Manipur, inter alia, the following competencies: “Special Status will mean specific provisions in the constitution of India, Three administrative subject, Viz, Defence, External affairs and interstate relations shall be vested in central Government while the rest shall be conferred on the state government by amending the constitution of India.”
It also will have provisions for “providing powers to Manipur to trade with its neighbours, Sharing of profits from central projects in the state between the centre and the state. Inter-state migration within the state shall be controlled by Manipur; Amendment of Article 3 of the Indian Constitution by inserting a Proviso that any change in the boundary of the Manipur shall require the concurrence of the Manipur Legislative Assembly; To constitute a Manipur Legislative Council, with representation from all the recognized community of Manipur with the condition that for larger community for every two-lakh population there shall be one representative in the said Council”, the resolution added.
It also said: “Land and Resource of Manipur shall vest in the State. Resolved that a people’s democratic movement demanding Special Status for Manipur within the framework of the Indian Union be launched in the light of the above stated principles. Resolved that a Working Committee be constituted to work out specific details of the Special Status and produce a draft of a Memorandum Demanding Special Status for Manipur to be submitted to the Government of India.”
The meeting also resolved that “COCOMI is entrusted the responsibility of accomplishing the resolutions of this Convention.”

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