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On a Lighter Sand and More Poems on a Search For Meaning

On a lighter sand


trying to figure out

how I get things right

I fall down from the sky

my paratrooper friend told me

too bad I only ride

all over the city

could I ask you a thing

apart from the time

we should be finding each other

I’ll be thereabouts

for now I’ve just strolled in

there’re a few men and women

sitting around on the sand

or strolling in like I just did

it’s going to be quite a night

I don’t like to begin early

until everyone’s settled down

and the moon’s on a tide



Till you are found


no I can’t stop it

if the weather’s perfect

in the warmth I discovered

I don’t sweat

all lit in the glittering

darkness of the night

as soft as the

sound of sand

dropping on sand

little do we know life

all of a sudden

I learnt to be away

to find reason in talk

I want now to know much

of how people are good

hair and face and smile


how to become an artist

without trying

wake up blink

share the sound with the night



Sensing Seattle


you are like words

I liked hearing to

never felt like

I interrupted you

like a thought wave

on a cliff

by the salt of seaside

bouncing in

when you are looking

for finer existence

of who what besides you

like a mind looking

through the eyes

I had rather find myself

in the beyond

it’s much easier

just a ticket or two

hop or a ride

and the long distance

makes you fine

reaching is as good

as the travelled time

when its same atop the waves

as you feel on the shoreline

did you break even

did you find yourself

did you find the signs

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