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Meghalaya District Authorities Swing into Action After Reports of Neglected Villages Wishing to Secede

The Meghalaya police responded to the news item published in FPSJ Review of Arts and Politics ( that Jantia villages near the Indo-Bangladesh border wishes in exasperation that they would prefer to secede to Bangladesh as their own government was completely neglecting their plight.

The story, which was published along with pictures of the link road to these villages in deplorable condition, was also picked up by several other web portals, including the reputed The Wire (

According to a Meghalaya police press release today, in a meeting called by Superintendent of Police, SP, East Jantia Hils, representatives of three of the villages said they only wanted to highlight their plight and hardship so that the authorities would pay attention, but their grievances were “misconstrued and misrepresented”.

The Deputy Commissioner and SP of the district assured the villagers that they would be visiting their villages to ascertain the facts of the matter for necessary action.

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