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“Is the Election Waiting For us, or are We the People Waiting for the Election?”

Is the election waiting for us, or are we the people voters waiting for the election?

This is the question that has been on the minds of citizens in Manipur. The election is supposedly known as the “festival of democracy,” and yet this time it is being conducted during a rough time in Manipur. The state is a place rich in sports, education, arts, and culture and has contributed and will continue to contribute in many other fields. The application of the same ability and courage is expected for selecting the able candidate while analysing the current crisis in the state. The state is in need of a candidate who would be able to expose the facts of the present crisis not only in the Indian Parliament but also to the general public, particularly in print and electronic media.

And again, in governing the state, casting the vote is one essential principle. To choose our representative, we cast the vote. The idea is not only that the representative of our choice is our leader, but also that he is the servant leader. The candidate himself stated that he would be the faithful representative servant of the people while campaigning in his election rallies. It is the time when candidates and political parties beg for valuable votes from the people with a lot of promises that they may forget or not after the election is over. They would say that they would try their best to fulfil the requirements of the people as if they were servants representing the people.

Now, the world is fast-changing, and every one of us is well connected. It is necessary to put this first in our minds and then to think about the future. And to choose our servant leaders who would have the vision of good policy planning is of greater concern to other people.

In the majority of cases, election campaigns focus on the development to be undertaken. Development will come automatically when development policies are well prepared for implementation for the welfare of the concerned people. On the other hand, the election cannot keep the burning issue of Manipur at bay because the issue is very serious.

Some of the people are perplexed by the casting of the vote if they are compelled to do so vote during the burning issue. It is not reasonable not to caste vote, as it would lead to another problem. We know that a vote is added to the count of one candidate. It may be mistaken if we don’t vote for a better candidate. It is of the opinion that it is the right time to use the opportunity in the present situation by utilizing all our effort and strength to choose the candidate who would do thebest for the motherland from among the best candidates. In this regard, the role of the youth, who are not affiliated with any political parties, will be effective in guiding innocent and poor voters toward a changing scenario of the electoral process.

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. – Plato.

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