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Five Poems: My Crusade is for My Motherland

You and I


My life is out of gear

Like said by a learned

As if stricken by Pandemic

Out of focus n out of control

Spreading and rooted

It gives pain,

Gives way lost feeling

I feel I am drowning

Bound by weights.

But I would not like you

Regard me as if

I am clinging to you

Like the drowned

Cling to pond side grass

To went inside with a thud

Dragging you along.

You are glow of my face

You are light of my dark dungeon

You are reflection of my soul

You are echo of my lost heaven

My crusade is for my motherland

And with an angel like you beside me

I feel I could climb with my broken legs

The Aravali Hills, the Hindukus

Cross the Arakan Peninsula

To pluck the Golden Magnolia

From the banks of River Nile

And call out to Cleopetra

Come, let’s rule the world again

You and I

Without E tu Brutus!

And Ceaser

As Amazon Princess

Clean soul and undying courage

Heavenly star Companion

I brought with me

I am his shadow

Even in darkness

We are two sides of a coin

I vowed to merge in his ocean

Because I have returned from Bermuda Triangle

From Marina beach Tsunami

From the sunk Titanic

From the sunk island of Pompei

From the Tomb of Shahjahan and Mumtaj

From the lyrics of Yaani

From the strings of Ravi Shankar

And from Cello of Hauser

And from the tunes of Vann Johnson.






With Saki and Amrit


Oh my beloved,

Fill the cup again

With saki and amrit both

So that we could travel

To the vision eternal among stars

Where god and goddesses

Tune and rhythm us

For showering the universe

With bright crystals of pure energy

With the tandav they taught

Not the well-known dance of destruction of lord Shiva

But another never seen before

To let earth taste the sweetness of nectar

Yes, the taste of nectar

To forget the differences among us

To perform noble tasks happily

In the line of duty as perfect creation of heaven almighty

As Socrates said 2500 years ago

We could give true meaning to perfection

Collectively with supreme noble understanding

With each other and others everywhere

Also tolerating our differences

By strengthening ourselves

With pure beauty of eternal love

to revive the era in history

of human endurance

divine unflinching courage

to embrace godly deeds

with supernatural strength

to show the universe

an unending canvas of picture perfect

painted with the power of eternal love pure

as everlasting and undying gift for humanity

come my love,

bind and make ME more strong with power of sentiments

who said life is too short

and we leave with feelings and wishes unrequited?

No, I would never accept

For I have witnessed pure honesty and fire

In your eyes while you spoke

You were in a dream world

And lead the generations

To the land of nobility and chivalry bygone

Selling dreams as proverbial dream merchant

You came out so beautifully

The stance you take

And the pure recital of vows of future

Enliven and enthralled me again

That was I yearn to hear and waiting

Your speech was pure magic

If it did not make the listeners strong

They are puppets lifeless

Convincing the humanity

With power of love

Heavenly eternal forever

I TOOK another decision that moment

So my only love!

Pour another glass of saki

Offer me a piece of bread

Under this riverside tree

And you beside me

picture of eternal love

With cello and duk duk in my hand.



My Chingda Satpi


This is only one life I got

And if I am burning it both ends

Who is there to lament for me?

No one for long.

Duties are given by society

My share I have done

Now don’t bind my feet again

Many times broken in my quest

Don’t bind me now.

Let me dedicate my remaining life

To my CHINGDA SATPI my motherland.

I retrospect the days bygone

Searching in my soul

And find myself reborn

On a lonely far hilltop

Alone with storms and rain

But I am not afraid anymore

The shots of man are echoing inside me

Making me stronger day by day.

I am not looking back

I saw myself coming out

From the pyramids of Egypt

Among Mayan civilisations

Among last of Mohicans

From scenes of Sixth sense

Inside sets of Avatar the movie

Among those graphic butterflies

They always called me.

Don’t tell me let’s watch Titanic

And Last day of Pompei

That gives only tales of destruction

Of human negligence that cost lives precious

Of an island sunk with stories incomplete

That gives tears to eyes

Year after years.

Solitary journey is mine if I have to

Until I reach my golden rainbow

Until I reach my golden gate

The Golden Nongpok Thong

I am the lifeless statue

Created in leisure and pleasure

By a metallic steel Mandarin

Put life into me and make me stronger today

Because I have miles to go before I reach

To the far land

Where golden Magnolias bloom


For showering on my Idol

Oh sweet smell of Magnolia,

Make me more strong

Listen to my tale.

Beginning of my journey

Met someone on road

We smiled to each other

As if we knew each other

As if we are long lost friends

Sharing we have hidden in our soul

Created a bond inseparable

Two souls bound by same destination

Alas! when I opened eyes

I found myself alone

But I am not afraid today though


TO wait for time to take me

To the land of Golden Rainbow



Risen Sphinx from Ashes  


If you feel that

I am taking life

As if I am Big Gambler

Meaningless will be my yearnings

Crumbling like sand towers

It will be lost

Without reaching your soul.

I came to say that

I worship you

In the innermost sanctum of my soul

You are in my blood

Without you I will be lost

Unable to live for tomorrow.

I came to say that

Your place can not be taken by God Himself.

You came like a guiding light

In my tortured life

In my dark dungeon of despair

You have lifted me

On the waves of ecstasy

With a magic wand in your eyes.

These drops of ceaseless tears

They told you a story

A tale of longing

Each has a story to tell

Of pangs of separation

Each one is crying aloud

Don’t go away!

I cannot live without you!

I cannot live without you!

I won’t be able to endure

The very thought of losing you!

The tale of your leaving

Many are whispering

Oh, if only they realise

They are killing me alive

Plunging a sharp dagger

In my tortured heart!

In my day and night

I saw you beside me

Like a whiff of a fragrance

I feel you beside me

In my closed eyes

Looking me with that fire in your eyes

Watching me with tender care.

Why did you say

You are leaving?

Why did you take the name of God?

As if He has no mercy for me

I will fight Him if I have to

I will fight him.

I was made a loser all my life

Now I cannot lose you

My life is hanging

On a mere thread of living

I thought my heart has turned to stone

But you appeared like a lightning

On that balmy afternoon

With laugh and fire in your eyes

Enthralled and engulfed me

With a longing long dead.

I have forgotten that

I too have a pulsating heart

I thought it was all walled up

Like Anarkali unseen and dead

But your coming kindled me

With a light so beautiful

With a bounce in my steps


With a song on my lips.

I was in a void for years

I killed myself when my life torn apart

I gave a life of living dead

But today it is crying out for you

Every moment every day


I won’t be able to stop

My hand

My pen

My tears

How can I say that

I cannot bear

The very thought of your parting

To a distant land of your choice?

When the soul left the body

Can it survive for a moment?


Tell me

Teach me

How to survive this night

Let alone the coming years.



Metallic Steel Mandarin


Enthroned on stone altar

Semi-Gods turn stone cold

Standing on slippery rocky stiff mountain

Pretty life offer fearful vision.

Where the difference starts and ends

Between pagan Gods and technical Mandarins

Known as uncommonly good

Only heaven and devotee knows.

But struck by lightning

Half dead and burnt

Turned into paralysed vegetable

Who realize the agony of the pitiful earthworm?

When pretty Hiroshima turns into

Vast spread of ashes, dried human flesh and blood

It became a lesson in history and technical library

Of huge American dream and human conquest.

But who cares how many souls

How many incomplete and untold stories

How many dreams and hopes

Are crushed under the rubble

Beneath the lowest layer of the blood stained red ash

Whose living parts are turned into

Specks of red ash and submerged into lap mother Earth

As unending spread of red ash

And paralysed into a monument

Somewhere between human boundary

And Bill Gates unending line of metallic statues?

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