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Pythian Games Indian chapter to hold meet in September

First National Pythian Games 2024 to be Held in Chandigarh This September

NEW DELHI: Bijender Goel, founder of the Modern Pythian Games, announced the initiation of an organization dedicated to promoting the Pythian Games within the BIMSTEC nations.

Bijender Goel, Founder Modern Pythian Games

A press release by the organisation said Goel has appointed Dr. Md. Abdul Kalam Azad as the President of BIMSTEC Nations for the Modern Pythian Games. Dr. Azad, a senior bureaucrat with the rank of Secretary in the Government of Bangladesh, currently serves as the Director General of the Bureau of Non-Formal Education under the Ministry of Primary & Mass Education of Bangladesh.

“His passion and leadership will surely set a new direction in arts, culture, and traditional games,” the release quoted Goel.

Dr. Azad’s enthusiasm and dedication to the Pythian Games will be instrumental in driving this initiative forward, fostering a renewed appreciation for cultural and artistic excellence across the BIMSTEC region, the release said.

It said the founder of the Modern Pythian Games also appointed Biswadeep Gupta, a senior journalist from the North Eastern region of India, as the Deputy Secretary (coordination) for BIMSTEC Nations and in charge of the Northeastern States of India and West Bengal. Biswadeep Gupta has been authorized to initiate the process of the Pythian Games Council for the North Eastern States, and West Bengal ensuring comprehensive coordination and promotion of the games.

In another development, Goel announced that the first National Pythian Games will be held from September 27th to 30th in Chandigarh. Artists and players from various fields, sports and traditional games are encouraged to register online at from June 5, 2024, the release said.

This unique national event, the first of its kind in the world, will allow participants to design their own events, creating a vibrant and diverse competition, it added.

Dr. Md. Abdul Kalam Azad, President, BIMSTEC Nations for the Modern Pythian Games

The Pythian Games will feature a variety of artistic events, including dance, music, singing, poetry, drama, mimicry, painting, drawing, graphic designing, anthakshari, music, theatre, monologue, clay art, fashion shows, and stand-up comedy. In addition to artistic events, the games will include traditional sports such as Karate, Kung Fu, Bagatur, Muaythai, Taekwondo, Thang-Ta, Naga Kiti-do, Indiaca, Tug of War, Yoga, Circle Kabaddi, Naga Wrestling, Rope skipping, Arm wrestling, Musical chair, Mallakhamba, and an 11km Pythian Marathon, the release said.

Biswadeep Gupta, Deputy Secretary (coordination) for BIMSTEC Nations; In-charge of the Northeastern States of India and West Bengal

A highlight of the games will be the revival of GADA YUDH, an ancient martial art, which will be demonstrated for the first time in approximately 5000 years, it said.

This initiative aims to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage and traditional sports of the BIMSTEC nations, providing a platform for artists and athletes to showcase their talents on both national and international stages, the release added.

Sketching a profile of the Games, the newly appointed deputy secretary (coordination) Biswadeep Gupta, said the Pythian Games and Olympic Games were both integral parts of the Panhellenic Games in ancient Greece, coexisting from 776 BCE until their discontinuation in 394 AD. While the Olympic Games focused on sports, the Pythian Games were dedicated to arts, culture, and traditional games, ranking second only to the Olympics in significance during that time, the release said.

It said in the modern era, the Olympic Games were revived in 1894, while Mr. Bijender Goel spearheaded the revival of the Pythian Games in 2022 with the support of 92 nations. He founded the International Pythian Council and Delphic India Trust to revive these dormant games globally. His vision was to create a unified online and offline platform that brings together artistic, cultural, and traditional games, akin to the Olympics for sports. This quadrennial event provides a global stage for individuals worldwide to showcase their talents and participate in various activities.

The Pythian Games are poised to play a pivotal role in bringing arts, culture, and traditional games into the organized sector, fostering greater appreciation and participation in these vital aspects of human heritage, the release said.

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