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Alas! when may this endless night end? and other poems

Endless night

Alas! when may this endless night end?

How I wish for the nights to end

so that I could be warmed by sun rays

Years went by hiding in the land of Boro n Ahom

land of Emperor Shivaji and Rani Lakshmibai

land of Sat Shri Akal and Wahe Guru

when winter chill my insides and crush my soul

days were ended

watching distant fire on hills and trying to warm myself

like the proverbial lonely man

who sat under the sweet white Magnolia tree

beside the tiny river

“You are creamy Magnolia – strong, sturdy and sweet scented”

Shamans told me

Oh my beloved, fill the eternal cup

with heavenly nectar

from the land of Magi

Winters are meant for eternal fires of human souls

with eye to eye and hand to hand – merging

for balmy days of virtual songs of contentment

Oh hermit, how are you faring alone on such icy nights, years?

Away from loved and dear ones

like building a dream house for generations to come

with base of human tenacity and courage as foundation

Oh heaven, where are my arms of warmth?

warm me with Legendary Fire of Andro

End this night of rain bird (mystical Nongoubi bird)

who calls for seasonal shower

for quenching eternal thirst of many births

Oh Almighty God how many births do I have to go through

to find my heavenly soulmate?

for the final union everlasting?

Oh my blinded eyes, stop the cascade of tears

do not shadow and wall my vision

with the never ending heights of nine hills

how can my soul see

the Second Coming of the Son of God?

Don’t you see that I am standing

at the horizon of human endurance

perched at the pointed parapet

like a rain soaked tiny yellow bird?

year after years?

when my life was torn apart again and again

by this baby faced monster who betrayed

long years of my prime days

burying me alive under the rubbles of

hellish hydrogen and atom bombs of sadistic torture?

Oh my Saki, where are you?

Come – where are you – make me strong

physically and mentally,

heal my insides again – so that I could breathe

People said Peony suffered whole life with unshed tears

Count of Monte Cristo jailed for years

for vile crimes he did not commit

And Papillion endured a lifetime – an unsung innocent again

from fresh youth to dried up vegetable

at the solitary prison in the Isles of New Papua

But they all returned and lived the Life they are worthy of

When is my Day?

Where is my Soulmate?

How many births do I have to wait for the One?

Who will heal my deprived Soul?

Who will pull me up from this circling Bermuda Triangle

engulfing and suffocating me daily?

Who will justify me?


Dark Tunnel, Dim Light


The light has gone out

I saw only darkness

at the other end of the tunnel

the tunnel is also dimly lit

There is no sound heard

only pin drop silence and cold wind

My God has died young?

My eyes are blindfolded

by waves of despair

My lips are parched and sealed

amongst this hot sands of waiting

I am in midst of my own Gobi and Sahara desert

loneliness is breathing down

on my forehead

hot steam of smouldered Iron

How to survive tonight?

My legs are broken

at many places

like a doll broken by a naughty child

My hands are bound

I am unable to lift them

The silence is closing in every minute

like Marina Beach struck by Tsunami

Who will come searching?

Whom I shall call to take me away?

I am voiceless

My vocal cords are muffled by Oedema of Twenty long years

My nasal septum is holed by that cruel surgery

I have become three holed being

which benumbed my lyrics

tunes of my seasons of joy and hope

How many moons I can sit here alone

away from humanity and my garden of pink lotus ponds?

They are calling me for centuries

telling come and shine amongst us

looking at the smiling sun in morning

and singing to the happy super moon

which shines only for you in balmy nights

They are calling

Oh I am hearing the Call of the Angel

who brought me here

saying let me pour a bowl of Nectar for you

drink it up and fill yourself in bliss

this is the life for you

Yes, this is the life fit for you

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