Imphal Review of Arts and Politics


A trampoline for the bard and others

A trampoline for the bard


I go as a messenger to the Queen

Who does say a prince will

not be born in England

A worthy king will

rule the seas

I set out to see

if there’s a sun beyond

I command this fleet

to me all these sailors

are not affixed

Shakespeare is my subject

I embark to prove

the Queen of England

is not so bereft of ideas

there is no shore

that will not

this sight today accept

and alight from the light tower

on their shores

this is not a conquest

this is a quest

furore in life

is not a king’s best

Shakespeare must rest a while

rest his pen,

taste the fury

of an ocean bereft

an English thinker

sets sail today

to meet an unknown sun

or he must fail

till I find what is beyond

the waves of the seas will

tremble under my soldiers’ feet

they will return

wise and rich

from wherever they set feet

Will Shakespeare smile

if I do not return

to my home

in the northern cliffs

the sea will be my land

for long days to come

A bard has created havoc

the street across the theatre

is jammed

he they now say is

hearth and land

this is a new trait

this is the new trait

the people must serve

the bard’s fate

ah America

like a punk who makes new

the same street

every time we meet

never knew each other

but for the closeness of the street



You in a part


there a star that for some time now

shines on top of the crescent moon

and sometimes below it

in the past several days I saw it

coordinates in motion

there’s only them two

sky all empty but for their duet

not visibility or smog

but atomic burst of light

in the minds expanse

well into the night

and used to the florid skies

few nights are not same

they ask for a sacrifice

of things new or

from the past

that won’t fall apart

a one star protects the moon

weaving round it tonight

it’s glittering puts

lands to rest

voyager marooned

up and down about

assume all company’s not lost

far in a few dark nights



Just a little light


the few village lights

show where the houses are

make the night a youngster’s dream

the west coast breeze

and the far off sound of the sea

I live, I live

I breathe, I breathe

that’s all I know

that’s all I feel

I wouldn’t know much

but that’s fine with me

I did well on that one

I find out now

years on years later

I forgot to tell you

we were trying to trace our way

through the sand and the houses

to where I am now

difficult but happy energy

after facing it and them

great to meet you

unforgettable faces

an experience in reality

my path in the night’s grey sand

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