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Maibam Mema who has embarked on a noble ecological mission on her own

70 Year Old Woman Embarks on a Selfless Mission to Promote Tree Plantation

Nothing can stop a determined person. A poverty stricken 70 years old woman, Maibam Mema is proving this by selflessly promoting tree plantation in the state by distributing tree sapling free of cost.

Climate change is an inevitable global phenomenon reaching its impact at every nook and corner of the world. To address this global scourge, Maibam Mema from Wangjing Hodamba Leikai under Thoubal District has decided to act locally with noble deeds in her own ways.

Mema takes climate change, forest degradation and ecosystem as serious issues. Acting upon the problem with dedication and commitment, Mema with her limited resources had taken up the initiative of culturing tree saplings since 2002.

Her objective for taking this step is to promote tree plantation by distributing them free of cost.

“From 2003, I have been distributing tree sapling every year till date free of cost. The reason for not taking single penny is to encourage tree plantation. But sometime, people give me some money as a token of love to me,” she stated while expressing her gratitude to people who extend their love, care and encouragement.

Mema has been struggling for livelihood since after her husband expired in 1991. Presently she is staying all alone in dilapidated house.

As size of Mema’s land is very small, she does not have much land left unused. Backyard and courtyard are therefore used as nursery for tree saplings.

“As many as 2000 tree saplings, I distribute, every year in time for world environment day since 2002. For this year also, around 1000 tree saplings were taken from various places of Manipur. I started distribution from May 5 and will continue to June 5, the day World Environment Day is observed,” she informed while appealing people to get the tree sapling before World Environmental Day.

Her concern is not only about tree plantation but also of preserving indigenous plants of Manipur which is today exposed to great extinction threats. Some of the indigenous saplings which one can get from her are Khamenla, Ureirom, Ataphon, Harikhagok, Sangbrei, Ningthoukhongli etc. (local name).

Mema who is making ends meet selling vegetables, expressed her desire to continue her service of tree sapling distribution as long as her health permits and as long as she can.

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