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Poetry/ Teacher’s Day is Always Special

My dear old English teacher


He would ride an old bicycle,

He likes an orange popsicle.

My dear old English teacher-

He is always sweet, never a preacher.

He seems like an 80-year-old since forever…

He is so very clever.

He is hard-working, gentle and humble…

Even at his old age, he is so able.

He taught me to love the English language.

Because of him, I would read difficult poetry page after page.

He never gave up on me even when I failed…

He trained me even when it got late.

He is like a grandfather-

Nurturing, strict…but he never did smother.

I solved more than a thousand grammar books…

My teacher always showed me the right tools…

Today, he is very old,

But he is true gold.

He may not remember much

But what he taught me is evergreen…

I remember him with fondness.

I ask God to bless my dear old English teacher with everlasting happiness!

Some teachers dedicate their lives to imparting knowledge truly, selflessly…

My dear old English teacher is one of them surely.

I am grateful to him eternally.

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