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Manipuri Bio Scientist Comes out with two Immune Boosting Herbal Drinks Which May Help in the Covid19 Fight

After breeding the India’s ‘hottest hybrid chilli’, Dr. Rajkumar Kishor, the Manipuri bio scientist, formulated ‘3Gingers’ tea and beer, the immunity boosting health drinks to help fight back COVID and also to provide relief to people living with the virus. The herbal drinks are prepared by blending three species of ginger, known for their traditional values for treatment of cold, cough, flu and many other ailments.

Himself a cancer survivor, Dr. Kishor had discovered a new species of ginger Zingiber Kangleipakense, and rediscovered Kaempferia Marginata while studying ginger for its inherent anti-cancer properties. Realizing the rich antioxidant properties and other health beneficial bioactive molecules like phenolic compounds, polyphenols, flavanoids, etc. of ginger, the bio-resource scientist came up with idea of the herbal drinks as an immune booster as well as treatment for concoction of respiratory infections including cold, cough and flu.

Saying that it is his contribution to the global fight against Convid-19, Dr. Kishor revealed that his herbal tea and the non-alcoholic beer are formulated from three different indigenous species of gingers, found in the northeast region of India. He recommends serving a tea bag of 3Gingers tea after brewing in boiled water for five minutes. “Anybody having flu can have 2 servings a day, while a healthy individual can have a cup a day,” said the delighted scientist.

“With no effective therapeutic drugs or vaccine available at the moment to treat this dreaded viral disease, we have to resort to time tested herbal medicines. 3Gingers will act as immunity boosters as well as concoctions for respiratory infections including cold, cough, and flu,” said Dr. Kishor, who is the managing director and chief scientist of Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd.

On the question of the verity of his herbal drinks properties to fight the Novel Coronavirus, the scientist admitted that scientific investigation along with clinical trials will verify the therapeutic use of the 3Gingers for treatment of Covid-19.

Rajkumar Kishor further revealed that his herbal drinks are being brewed only at the lab scale, following standard procedure. He confided that the developed technology may be transferred to interested entrepreneurs for commercial production.

Alongside churning out his heath drinks, this Manipuri bio-resource scientist is also busy refining a pineapple wine technology he has developed for commercial brewing. Branded as ‘K-HOME’, a Manipuri word for pineapple, Kishor started to develop a technology to brew pineapple wine with an aim to prevent wastage of pineapples at the farms in the state, with pineapples grown in Manipur, tagged as the world’s tastiest variety. Currently, Ki-Home is being brewed only at lab scale.

Thanks to this bio-resource scientist from Manipur, there is at least an immune booster tea and beer to be happy about.

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