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Macha Leima Observes its 54th foundation day

Macha Leima observes its 54th foundation day

Manipuri Chanura Leishem Marup (MACHA Leima), one of the oldest women’s organizations of Manipur, celebrated its 54th foundation day on April 21 at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound.

In the function, advisor of MACHA Leima, Khangembam Anandi said the organization has been taking a lead role in creating awareness on women empowerment and in addressing women issues since April 21, 1969.

She added that the history of Manipur itself proves the abilities and capabilities of Manipuri Women in saving the society from any kind of issues. The association had extended immense contribution in removal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

She said that for the betterment of society, they used to take part in any issues occurred from time to time. As such, the association would wholeheartedly fight the present problem of drug menace and cases of demographic imbalance due to heavy influx of illegal migrants.

Claiming that drug trade and poppy cultivation may be a hidden agenda of some forces to wipe out Manipuri Society, Anandi questioned that the state government is intentionally protecting the kingpin as most of drug lord are hardly punished.

She said that Manipur was just a transit route to transport such illegal narcotic items. But unfortunately, it has started producing within the state by setting up of manufacturing laboratories or units.

“The Manipur society has been hugely impacted by the present drug issue. There is a need collective effort to safeguard Manipur from all threats. Macha Leima will continuously stand for better and safe society,” she assured.

Chairperson of Manipur State Commission for Woman, Salam Ulka who had attended the function as chief guest expressed her concern on degradation of Manipuri culture with the heavy influence of Westernization upon the present generation.

She said that man and women of present society are highly empowered and educated. But society is still unable to create a happy society rather various form of violence within the family is increasing. To resolve such issues, lot of mutual understanding, sacrifice and compromise is much needed otherwise future of next generation would be at stake.

President of MACHA Leima, Wangkheimayum Amusana was also attended as dais member of the function.

Members of various civil voluntary organization, women working in various field had also attended the function.

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