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Government’s Home Coming Ceremonies are a Show of Slavish Political Servility Says KYKL

In a strongly worded press release, the outlawed KYKL lambasted the surrender ceremony held by the Government of Manipur calling it puppetry on the part of the government looking to be in the good book of their masters in New Delhi.

The release signed by the organisation’s secretary, publicity and research, A. Yaibhaba said, once again, the state government proved that it is nothing more than a puppet of their masters puppeteers in New Delhi and staged yet another surrender drama on January 7 2023.

It may be recalled, in a much publicised event, the home department of the Government of Manipur held a “Home Coming” ceremony in which 43 cadres of different militant groups on surrendered before Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on January 7, 2023.

According to official information, the surrendered militants also laid down 19 arms, 17 hand grenades, 5 handheld sets, one Kenwood set, 9 PEK, 5 IED, and 209 ammunition before the CM.

The surrendered militants include 13 from valley-based Kangleipak Yawol Kanba Lup (KYKL), five from People’s Liberation Army, 11 from Kangleipak Communist Party (People’s War Group), five from United National Liberation Front (UNLF), five from KCP (N), two from PREPAK (PRO) and one from the hill-based NSCN (U).

The KYKL press release was in response to this and it further said that the “puppet governments must serve the interests of their masters, or else they will lose power and position.” The release argued that this is the reason compelling the state government to conduct such ceremonies to show the centre that it is doing everything in its power to neutralise the people’s struggle in the state.

The fact is, it is the ruling class which benefits from perpetuating a colonialism administration, while the people suffer greatly as its victims, the release said. The people therefore must realise that the so-called Homecoming Ceremony will not bring either development or peace to the state and that it is a method used by the state’s ruling elite to earn crores by selling the national freedom to Indian colonial rulers, the release added.

The release compared the event as “analogous to a servant licking his or her master’s boot to gain sympathy and kindness,” calling it slave morality, although the politicians themselves may be terming it as “shrewd politics” within their circle.

The release does admit that 13 of their cadres were part of this surrender, but called them as timid deserters who fled the organisation, leaving behind their historical responsibilities.

“Slavery was the choice they made over freedom and dignity,” the release added.

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