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Protest for repeal of AFSPA has become routine in the Northeast

CSCHR urges Manipur CM to join call for AFSPA abrogation after Oting massacre

Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights in Manipur and the United Nations (CSCHR) has urged the Chief Minister of Manipur to join the other Northeast CMs to  press for repeal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA.

In a press release, the coalition also said they join the condemnation of the indiscriminate shooting down of unarmed coal mine labourers by the armed forces of the Union and subsequent repression of the protestors using lethal weapons resulting in the death of at least 16 civilians and injuries to a score of others at Oting, Mon district, Nagaland on 4 December.

CSCHR reminded the Government of lndia of its obligation to not only institute prompt, though, independent and impartial investigation but also for restitution of the loss suffered by the families of the victim caused by the wrongful act of the State.

The release also said the Oting Massacre is not an isolated incident, but it is yet another manifestation of the consistent pattern of atrocities committed by the lndian military deployed under the AFSPA-1958, in the North East region for more than half a century.

It said “Mention may be made of Heirangoithong massacre, Operation Bluebird (Oinam massacre), Makokchung massacre, RMC massacre, Malom massacre etc.”

It added that this unfortunate incident has rekindled the longstanding demand for the repeal of AFSPA.

It also reminded the authorities that all the official committees and commission looking into the issue had consistently recommended the repeal of AFSPA. “The United Nations human rights mechanism including the all the relevant Treaty Bodies, Thematic Special Procedures as well as the Universal Periodic Review have recommended the repeal of AFSPA as it grossly violates the most basic human rights,” the release added.

It further said CSCHR strongly urges the Government of Manipur to put its weight for the repeal of AFSPA in order to fulfil the long-standing demand of the people of Manipur.

“It is encouraging to note the Chief Minsters of Nagaland as well as that of Meghalaya have revibrated that voice of sanity to repeal this draconian law. The issue has now echoed in the ongoing Parliament session in New Delhi. However, we are shocked and surprised by the stoic silence maintained by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur at this critical juncture. After all his built his political career using the anti-AFSPA movement.” The release concluded.

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